Individual  exhibitions

2019  Solo Exhibition, En Tránsito Gallery ,Santiago,Chile.

2013  Solo Exhibition , Expressiones Cultural Gallery,Connecticut.EEUU

2009  Small size paitings .  Sargent Gallery.Madrid, Spain.

2006  (In)Constant Reality National Congress, Valparaiso,Chile.

           Restricted colours. Ministerio de Hacienda. Santiago, Chile.

2004  Expressions from an  urban corner.Ana María Matthei Gallery .Santiago, Chile.

Groupal exhibitions

2015   ChACO Fair.Santiago,Chile.

2014   From Photography to  Realism . ART CENTER MIAMI,EEUU

2013   ART EXPO Beijing,China.

2012   Latin Network for the Visual Arts.Connecticut.EEUU

2011   PINTA  Fair .The Modern and Latin American Art Show. New York.

2011  Collective Group. Juried by  Whitney Museum of american art.                                              Westport Arts Center.Westport,Connecticut.EEUU.

2011  ChACO Fair. Santiago,Chile.

2010  Biennial Exhibition.Latin Views.Von Shlippe Gallery.Connecticut.EEUU. 2009                     Pictorial language  V. Espacio de Arte Gallery. Toledo, Spain.  

2009   International Fair Madrid FAIM. Madrid, Spain.    

2008  Pictorial language IV. Espacio de Arte Gallery. Toledo, Spain.

2008  Collective Group, Chilean painters. Sargent Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2007  Pictorial  language   III. Espacio de Arte Gallery. Toledo, Spain.

2007  Mostoles village ´s Cultural center. Madrid, Spain.

2007  Azuaga´s Modern Art Museum. Badajoz, Spain.

2006  Arauco Foundations scholars, Chinchon, Spain.

2006  New Artist,  Artespacio Gallery. Santiago, Chile.