Antonio Cavagnaro  ( 44)  was born in Santiago de Chile  .  After he exhibited  at the National   Congress in Chile and in some others galleries such as Ana Maria Matthei and Artespacio, he travelled to Spain for further   studies. In 2006 he got the pos  graduated   scholarship   of  the Art   and   Contemporary Authors  ( Arauco ) in Chinchón Spain,  where  he took classes  with the  realistic  painter Guillermo Muñoz Vera and he remained   there until the end of 2008.  In 2010 he travelled to EEUU and he exhibited in LNVA (LatinNetwork for the Visual Arts) in Connecticut, where it becomes part of the list of painter  of Expressiones Cultural Gallery.   Later on  has been selected to participate in the  flag of American artist to present their works in contemporary Art Fair Beijing  2013,China.For the second part of this  year will   be presenting his work in     Expressiones  Cultural Gallery  in connecticut (Solo  Exhibition) . Also  gives  a scholarship  like a  artist  in residence .

Artist stateman

His   pictorial   proposal,  always  of figurative  tendency, insists  on  the   shapes interpretative   value, separating  him   somehow from   the traditional    realistic painting  and   completely   cut  away  from the hyperealistic  icons. On the  contrary,  clearly  reflecting his particular  temperament,  he tries  to grant an expressive  and suggestive character   in the pictorial stamp. That's how we can find a  figuration  with  strong   psychological   shades,  specially  in the  expressions   of  each character,  who regardless   of  the  subject of the  painting   aims    to an  intensity   in the  image  as well   as the  ties   it generates  with  the  spectator.Human  figure   is without   a  doubt   the main element,obsessively through hard   and   dramatic surroundings   in   compositions   generally  of  few  elements, causing it to acquire a greater protagonism. Although a  certain   description  exists  in   his   pictures,it is   important   to reflect a  concept, that is essential for understanding         Cavagnaro's   painting.  And   this   concept  or   idea   demands     a  basic   delivery of   true expression,  specially with Realism, which  is an extremely formal   and   technical  form of painting. And this is exactly the main motivation   of  this painter , to give an idea resorting to the   expressive   intensity  of the components of the  picture:  almost always  humans which superpose the technical aspect.